Cars speeding up

We’ve all been there. You turn out of a parking lot and cut it a little close with the oncoming traffic. And yet, the approaching car SPEEDS UP rather than slowing down. Almost to communicate: hey, you made a bad choice and I’m gonna show you a little fear for that stunt. But why? If

Know your assignment

This is the question beneath all decision-making. Answer this and all else will fall in line. Too many times we confuse our careers with our assignment. Or maybe it’s our schedule of day-to-day life. American busyness culture would pride itself on how busy one can be best validates one’s assignment. However, knowing our assignments takes


In a day and age where we want the immediate, flip of the switch results, it can be a powerful thing to institute some hard stops in our life. We’ve been experimenting with establishing a 24-hour sabbath for the last four weeks. It’s been incredible- like a weekly vacation, which is saying something because we

Tax Farmer

I’ve finally realized that tax CPAs are really just tax farmers. There’s a harvest season and the only way to get the work done is to just get the work done. Even if a farmer can’t change the harvest time each year, she can change how she accomplishes the work. She can suck it up