Don’t wash the stain

It’s counterintuitive. I was testing some broiled shrimp that had been baking in butter, oil, and herbs. Some of the sauce splattered on my shirt and pants. I soaked them and then washed them… but the stain is now set.  It’s intriguing how a washing machine that’s used to make clothes clean, can also be

Culture Schmulture

Everyone participates in various cultures. Family culture, the culture of our friendships, or even workplace culture. If you’re looking for a good test to get a pulse on the state of any of your cultures try starting with a Tuesday in June. Not at the annual family reunion, not the December ski trip with friends,

Enjoy the ride

I was reading a newsletter written by Richard Rohr from the Center of Action and Contemplation. He said, “We are, of course, in evolution all the time. To deny change and growth is to deny the obvious, yet humans seem good at that. The ride is the destination, and the goal is never clearly in