Abundance in the system: us

(Part two)

We need to get out of the fear-based mindset that everything is scarce and start living generously towards one another. This is the only way to contribute to an environment of abundance. For example:

If we trade or merely transact with one another then all we’ve done is kept the same level of benefits. However, when we give something away- money, time, energy, effort for the benefit of another person, then we actually receive something in return: feeling more alive and human! 

Now some might say, “well, when I sell something to someone, they receive the benefit of the product, I receive the benefit of the money and we both receive benefits of happiness. So we created an intangible benefit through a transaction. A gift is not necessary.” However, I’d argue that if the money was stolen or the product broke then the happiness would be gone. Therefore, the happiness from the money or product is merely just part of the sales price, thus not creating anything new. But when you give, then you receive something that actually can’t be taken. 

I would go as far to say that you can still accomplish this “gift” in a transaction. This is done by making sure the person buying from you receives more value than you tangibly received in return. That means you contributed generously to the transaction.

If we all commit to generously contributing to our relationships, work, and communities then we will help establish an environment of abundance in which everyone can benefit.

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