Worry stability

Worry comes in and shifts us out of our identity and into task mode.

We put down who we are and pick up what we do.

Worry convinces us that the only way out of this problem, situation or uncertainty is to work our way out. To keep doing what we’re doing… but just more of it.

Really, the answer is to double down on our identity- The Who we are – and focus on the stability of our identity rather than the stability of what we do.

The lie is that we think all we need to do is just get this work finished, just get this problem solved, just get this relationship mended… then we’ll get back to who we are. The answer is the opposite. We fuel our efforts with who we are which propels us into what needs to be done. The way forward is sometimes stopping to remember. 

Get the destination right and let the path figure itself out.

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