Platinum Pass

Around six years ago my wife and I went to six flags. We were just two adults doing something not very “adult-ish” and it was awesome. As we pulled into the parking lot there were signs everywhere about a Flash Pass that would let you cut to front of the line on any ride when

Safety word

Everyone needs a safety word. Something to bring you back into focus of what’s important – who’s important. A word that can snap you back into the right perspective when the circumstances and situations are chaotic and disorienting.

Living into a name

I attended a funeral several weeks ago. It was unlike any service I had been to before. It was celebratory, reflective, thoughtful, and dynamic. There were photos, videos, interviews, words, and songs. It was powerful to say the least; life-altering to be specific. One of the pieces that resonated the most was the nickname given

Plant Sequoias

Wendell Berry wrote that line. Over the last couple months I’ve been reading poetry. I’ve never read poetry other than the few lines quoted in whatever books I’m reading. However, over the last nine months I’ve found my mind racing, life moving at a very fast pace and my consumption of information increasing rapidly. So