You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

I mean what an audacious move: in the confrontation of an enemy… not to pull out a sword, not to assemble the armies, not to barter with a stack of cash. Nope. The enemy assembled and ready for attack… and the Leader gives the command for counterattack, “Ready the tables!”

I picture the army putting down their weapons and shields, then getting into formation to carry the various tables to the designated places.

The question is then: what’s next? The tables are prepared and placed right in front of the enemy. Now what? Feasting? Sitting? Relaxing?

All I know, is that in Jesus’s Kingdom, most things are upside down compared to the ways we naturally think or have been taught. So maybe the next time we are faced with the Enemy, we need to look for the table. Our most offensive and successful advance might be to take a seat at the table and let what happens next unfold in front of our eyes.

Ready the tables!

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