A farmer doesn’t hurry…

Farmers work extremely hard – they may be busy, they may have lots of elements to navigate, but they aren’t in a hurry. There’s a difference between doing good, hard work and frantically hurrying around looking busy. The farmer knows first and foremost that no matter how much she scrambled around, the harvest will come in time. There’s no straining or effort that changes the weather. There’s no speeding up growth of crops. Second, the farmer knows that the process of growth can’t be hurried. We can’t afford to neglect the work that was started, the seed planted, in order to try something more exciting. There’s a power in patience. So whether it’s our physical work, our emotional labor, our family and friendships or even connection with God: chances are we won’t get what we are looking for by hurrying. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Let the prior season’s work have its full harvest and show unhurried commitment to the process. No one likes to feel hurried anyway.

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