Do the opposite

The path of least resistance is to just keep doing what we’ve been doing. It’s known. It’s safe. But does it actually lead to better results, more impact, or something greater?

I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and it’s always been funny how during the process there are times that I’m asked to CLOSE my mouth a little bit so that the person can get to some hard to reach areas. That seems so counterintuitive – typically I think it would be better for me to OPEN my mouth wider to make it easier to clean. But it’s not always the case: doing the same thing, only more exaggerated, doesn’t always make it better.

Whether it’s our family, friendships, work, or health… sometimes the answer is not to keep doing what we’ve been doing but to actually do the opposite. If we are feeling stuck then maybe it makes sense to experiment by moving in the other direction, having a different conversation, waking up a little earlier, or simply taking a break from a certain food.

I’d say we probably won’t regret trying something different in order to get different results.

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