Focus on the Fulcrum

If we put more focus, energy, time on establishing the fulcrum instead of worrying so much about the weight itself then not only would we finally move the weight but we also might actually enjoy doing it.

What’s the fulcrum in family, friendships, whole communities or our workplaces? If we could have the guts to stop reacting to all the busyness and put in a few hard hours of real emotional labor then we could determine that point in which impact and connection are experienced to the fullest.

If I want a deeper relationship with my son then it makes more sense to take the time and effort to think and plan ways for us to connect. Rather than merely doing the dishes, running a bunch of errands or getting stuff done around the house.

It’s tempting to make the person or project the fulcrum, but that’s the wrong order. If we can put in the extra thought and intention then those around us would feel like they were being lifted to a new place.

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