Green lighter

There are those that turn right on red.

And there are those that wait all the way until the light changes to green before they turn.

Both are following the rules. Both are right. In the end, both may still get where they’re going on time. 

However if you’ve planned your time arrival based on turning at all red lights and you’re stuck behind a “green lighter” then now you might be late.

Conversely, if you’re waiting for that green light and end up behind a “red turner” then you won’t be phased at all. 

Order matters. More importantly is knowing who we are in relation to the order. 

As a self-professed “red turner” I’d say we have a choice to make: either change to be a “green lighter” so that you are good to go regardless of circumstances. Or stay a “red turner” and build in extra time (and patience). Both options require a shift.

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