Plant the seeds you want to see grow

Seems obvious and straightforward. However, there are a lot of things that are obviously straightforward but get over-complicated and neglected.

If a farmer wants watermelons, she doesn’t plant green pepper seeds. She would never complain and get upset if she grew what she planted. That’s not interesting. What’s interesting is when we get annoyed, frustrated and feel that certain results are unfair even though the actions, thoughts and work that got us here in the first place were the seeds for the wrong plant. You would never see a farmer throwing a tantrum in the middle of their field simply because the crop wasn’t what they planted. That’s because we expect farmers to know what they planted. But it’s typically easier to see this with others than ourselves.
The key is to be thoughtful and intentional up front. Do the pre-work, make the phone call, or connect with the friend beforehand. This way you’ll be delighted when it’s time to harvest the crop.

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