Self manufactured stress

We do it all the time. We mix up our roles by taking on responsibilities that we weren’t supposed to and trade our efforts to lead for a chance to manufacture our own stress.

When we are being asked to serve our people – which could be described as “leadership” or “management” then it’s not helpful to focus on carrying the workload of the office and it’s actually detrimental to the overall success of the team.

We are called to serve our people, not to carry the entire load. Sure we need to carry our share and do our part of harvesting the work; however, once we mistake these two options we are on a collision course for failure.

Most of the time when we feel overloaded, stressed and on the verge of burnout it’s the result of taking on the wrong load. When you’re supposed to carry your people, but you picked up the entire workload instead, well now you’ve stepped into a role that wasn’t designed for you in the first place.

So put down the load that’s not yours to carry. Pick up the people that you’re responsible for and get back on track.

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