Practice Surrender

Set aside five, ten or twenty minutes to be completely silent. Every day. No phone, no book, no podcast, no music. Just silence.

This practice has helped not only heal my mind, but also remind me that time is not my own.

I’m an avid idea-seeker. Always a couple books going at the same time. I jump into the middle of a podcast series rather than start slowly from the beginning. By starting the day in complete silence, it’s helped me to surrender my will and desires and wants. I’ve become content and satisfied with sitting quietly with God. This practice has helped me to experience surrender and not just read about it. So that later in the day when something or someone interrupts what I’m doing, I can more easily surrender to that moment and respond if necessary instead of feeling annoyed that I’m being kept from my plans, my time. It’s not our time. Time is God’s. He’s not in a hurry. So slow down and practice surrender.

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