No. More. Hurry.

“Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life.” – Dallas Willard

Just read an excerpt from John Mark Comer’s book to be released in October later this year. Powerful stuff. The title alone says it all: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.

In a culture that wears busyness as a badge of honor and where being frantic means you are really fancy at what you do- to slow down, stop and hurry less is thought of as some far-off fantasy.

A few weeks ago, I was awakened by one our kids crying around 4am and I stood up too fast. I made it halfway down the hall before stumbling due to being lightheaded. I caught myself on the doorframe… only problem was that I used my face. Nothing a little medical grade glue couldn’t solve. My friend and doctor said, after gluing up my face, “hey, you’re getting older so next time just take a breath before you stand up.” (Said in the tone of “hey bro, you need to chill”).

Now, I do this every morning. It’s become one of my favorite parts of the day. I slowly start each day by taking a few breaths on the edge of my bed. It’s almost my tiny way of broadcasting to the world, “I’ll start my day how I want to and when I want to.”

No more rushing into the day. Just slowness.

A farmer is never in a hurry. Hard to force something you can’t control. So if we want more depth of soul, more joy, then we need to start by eliminating hurry from our lives.

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