One year

And… just like that I crossed the one year threshold of writing this thing. It’s been a really good outlet and a way for me to practice contributing. As someone who enjoys speaking, the act of writing has been especially challenging to communicate more with less.

I can obsesses about getting the system perfect because once I commit I want to be all in. I hate when I flippantly start something and later fade out. However, over the last several years I think I’ve swung to the other extreme. Almost paralyzed to take any action at the risk that it won’t be perfectly sustainable. So this blog has been that little practice to help me just ship the work (HT Seth Godin) to contribute, to admit that maybe I CAN be creative (even if I’m an accountant by day… and some nights).

So I plan on continuing this practice along with developing a few others. Life continues moving, days fly, and the next thing you know it’s been a year. Practice can make perfect in a lot of things but what’s been perfect in this season is just the practice.

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