Carefree vs. Careful

Everybody’s got them: cares. The question isn’t how to get rid of them or best manage them or dare I say “hack” them. Nope. The question is knowing when to be free of them and when to be full of them. When you’re coming down the ladder from the attic with a heavy box of Christmas items, being careful is good. When you’re wrestling with your kids in the evening after dinner, being carefree is important. When we mix up the two then we get problems. As we grow up we tend to become much too careful – make sure to not get hurt, watch out for that crazy neighbor, don’t pick the wrong job, and don’t give any money or it will just enable them. We could all stand to be a little more carefree… or maybe a lot more carefree. Might be worth swinging to the other end of the spectrum for a little bit just to see what could happen. You never know maybe it’ll be the starting point for something amazing… if nothing else we’ll probably be a lot more fun.

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