Don’t wash the stain

It’s counterintuitive. I was testing some broiled shrimp that had been baking in butter, oil, and herbs. Some of the sauce splattered on my shirt and pants. I soaked them and then washed them… but the stain is now set. 

It’s intriguing how a washing machine that’s used to make clothes clean, can also be the same mechanism to not only keep a certain stain from being cleaned but actually damage the clothing even further. 

Just because something we do or say works a majority of the time, isn’t a guarantee that it will work all the time. In fact, there are some instances where using the “tried and true” mechanism will actually harm the very thing you are trying to fix. 

So it’s probably worth taking a little more time, putting in a little more thought, to make sure that our response or mechanism is right for the situation we are currently facing. Chances are we won’t regret being more thoughtful or intentional, but we almost always will regret just rushing something through “the same old way.”

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