Keep silent and remain calm.

This was the instruction given to the Israelites right before the sea was divided. They had their backs against the wall, pursued by an enemy with no way forward. They even began to say things like, “Forget this, we should’ve just stayed in Egypt… it would’ve been better to be slaves in Egypt than free in the desert.” But Moses, their leader, said, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today… the Lord will fight for you while you only need to keep silent and remain calm.”


What a word to hear and try to believe in the midst of such fear-driven chaos. Their only instruction was to keep silent and remain calm. So, when things get wild and overwhelming and exhausting… we can think that if we only returned to earlier times that all would be better. We can hardly imagine a way forward. And a lot of the time that’s exactly how God wants it to be: our only option is trust and dependence on Him. Easy to read about, hard to do.

Rather than frantically fighting against all the current circumstances, the best plan might just be to keep silent and remain calm.

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