Know your assignment

This is the question beneath all decision-making. Answer this and all else will fall in line. Too many times we confuse our careers with our assignment. Or maybe it’s our schedule of day-to-day life. American busyness culture would pride itself on how busy one can be best validates one’s assignment. However, knowing our assignments takes courage to stop and figure them out. It takes guts to not rush into the daily making of donuts and pause to listen for our assignment. It takes awareness to know and trust that our assignments are the most important drivers of our decisions. Beyond passion, beyond money, and beyond self-centered desires… our assignments can bring life to us and those around us. Here are some questions to stir the pot:

What’s your assignment?

To whom are you assigned to serve?

Where are you assigned?

When does your assignment begin and end?

Why is this or that your assignment?

How well are you living out your assignment?

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