One step is all it takes

When does a runner become a runner?

Is it finishing a race? Is it the right shoes? Is it talking the right lingo? Is it after months or years?

I’d venture to say that a person becomes a runner with the very first step. Did that step have all the wisdom and experience? Nope. Did that step have all the answers? Nope. Did that step feel effortless? Probably not. 

If a runner doesn’t become a runner on the first step then which step does she finally cross the line to earn the title? 

Sounds silly but this is every single day with our work, families, friendships and communities. We don’t trust quickly, we safeguard constantly, and we anticipate getting taken advantage of at any moment. 

I think as soon as we let everyone into the “club” of whatever it is we’re into… the sooner we will get on with enjoying life together in our homes, offices and cities.

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