Plateau can be a good thing

In strength training, there’s a point when you hit a plateau. At first, it can seem like this is a negative thing. We’ve had the phrase “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” pounded into our heads for years. So the concept of plateauing in anything can feel defeating. However, the plateau is the sign that you’ve finally reached your starting point. Everything prior to the plateau has just been proving what you were already capable and strong enough to do. Most are actually content with staying in that zone; to the point of going backwards in order to still feel like they can accomplish something. But the plateau signifies that everything going forward is actually building new strength. You’re literally adding strength you didn’t have prior to this point. Translate this concept to anything else. Maybe it’s a skill at work, a friendship, a marriage, an interaction with a child, or some other area of life. If we can embrace this concept and put in the emotional labor to fully engage, then we will see results. We can look back and see that something wasn’t copied or faked but was created.

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