The cost of letting go

Free Solo was released several weeks ago which documented the harrowing feat of the first free solo climb of El Capitan by climber Alex Honnold. There’s an image of him about halfway up the 3,000 foot ascent that is mind boggling to see.

This image is like a “Tuesday” in our lives. It’s not because each Tuesday holds this much adventure and thrill, but each Tuesday is the display of everything in our lives. All the hype, plans, and big talk is only as real as it is on Tuesday.

The question here for Alex is “what if he decided to just let go?” Even for only a couple seconds. Very quickly we all would know that there’s a problem. The effort to get back on the mountain is exponentially harder and most likely impossible.

There are a lot of moments in our lives where we want to just let go… even for only a couple seconds. Don’t pay attention to the credit card, look away from that person asking for money, don’t respond to that client, or hit the snooze alarm again.

However, the effort to get back on track, caught up, in the lack, etc is exponentially harder and sometimes we miss the chance entirely. It might not mean falling to our physical death, but it could mean a lot of pain for us and those around us.

So on Tuesday… when things are hard… just don’t let go.

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