Water level for life

Over the 4th of July holiday we spent some time with family doing fireworks, eating food and a lot of swimming.

I noticed something attached to the side of the pool: an automatic water level sensor. Maybe these are super common but I had never seen one before. Essentially the sensor has a floating device that rises and falls with the level of the water and as the water level drops below a certain point (set by the owner) it triggers a spout to add more water.

Couple things to take from this:

  1. A pool takes gallons of water to keep it filled all season long. This is true regardless of the method to keep it full. It would be better to set a system in place to keep the water level up in small increments rather than manually adjust sporadically throughout the year.
  2. Determining the optimal water level up front takes more work initially but allows for total freedom of concern for the entire season.

There are countless things we are doing and ways we are doing them in order to keep our lives, relationships, hearts and souls filled all year long. Some of these could be automated by setting up a schedule, a routine, a process so that we could be free to actually enjoy the pool instead of constantly working on maintaining the pool.

Enjoyment > maintenance.

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