Knowing is most of the battle

This is the first year that you’ll see it: the countdown clock for official timeouts at the OU football games.

For years we just sat and watched the official stand out on the field with his hand held in the air until it was time to resume play. Not a big deal but sometimes it felt like it took forever.

This year they added a large digital clock that counts down the time to start playing again. It’s a huge difference because now we know. And when you know, there’s no more guessing. When there’s no more guessing, there’s no confusion. The expectations are clear. Expectations are everything.

Most conflicts in life are centered around a breakdown in expectations. Whether it’s global war in some distant country or something more local like the grocery store as to who really should get to be first in that new checkout lane that just opened.

Getting the expectations clear is essential to establishing and sustaining anything. Get them clear and make them known because knowing is most of the battle.

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