2.8 Million legos

That’s how many make up this giant beast in the Mall of America. My Dad used to ask us “you know how you eat an entire elephant? One bite at a time.” A team of 150 individuals works on building various sections of this LEGO-tron. Then the pieces are shipped over from the Czech Republic and finally assembled here into an 11 TON monstrosity. Yes, 11 tons of legos all assembled meticulously by hand. I remember as kid thinking my Dad’s question was odd because why would anyone want to eat an elephant. But when it comes down to accomplishing almost any huge task or creating thoughtful work, most of the time it’s done by a combination of intentional actions, choices and thoughts. It’s a very rare situation when the final product is discovered in its entirety. So as we think about our relationships and the work and the influence – the sooner we start taking small calculated and deliberate bites, the sooner we will realize our potential. Heck we may even come to see that a lot of small acts can literally amount to an 11-Ton desire.

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