I’m always going North, right?

Wrong. And for most of us, we know that’s not correct.

A friend of mine was trying to meet a friend of his several years ago. He called this friend and asked, “where are you? You should be here by now.” To which the friend replied, “well, you said it was on the corner of Western and 29th. So I went North on Western, turned left on 30th and went North. Then I turned left again on Classen and went North. So I’m almost there.” My friend asked, “how are you going North each time?” To which this person responded, “you’re always going North when you go straight, right?”

No. You’re not always going North when you are going straight.

No matter how fast you are. Or how strong you are. Or how much “just get it done” mental stamina you have. If you’re going south but we’re supposed to go east, then you’re going to do just be the fastest, strongest, and toughest wrong person around.

It pays considerably to stop and take the extra time to figure out which direction is the right one. Yet, stopping doesn’t feel productive so we try to adjust and correct ourselves on the fly. But there are only a few things that can be done on the fly. The hang up is when we confuse the things that can be figured out along the way with the things that will determine whether we arrive at the destination at all.

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