Leave the roots in the ground

It takes guts. It feels risky… until it’s not.

If you planted a small oak sapling, watered it, protected it from animals and weather, you wouldn’t go out every so often and pull it up out of the ground to examine its roots. But we do this all the time with a lot of things in our lives. Relationships, jobs, kids… we are constantly uprooting them to see if there’s really something growing or developing.

Every time we entertain this process of pulling up the tree to check on the progress of the roots we start over. We make the person, the job, the child work even harder just to get back to the place they were when we pulled them up.

Unnecessary examination stunts growth. It prohibits the very process we are hoping for. So the next time we feel the urge to question and rip up a relationship, maybe we pause and take a risk to let it wait. We might actually be surprised that what we thought was risky turned out to not be risky at all, and by calming ourselves we freed up everyeone else to grow.

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